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  Q.) - Why does the afternoon trip cost less than the morning trip?
  A.) - The Morning Trip is considered our premier trip; it is five hours and includes the continental breakfast as well as our deliciously famous BBQ lunch. It also gets to Molokini about 95% of the time because the winds tend to be calmer in the mornings.

- The Afternoon Trip is a spectacular value; not only do you get to sleep in but you get so much for your dollar. Our goal is always Molokini but if we can’t make it because of the afternoon trade winds we go to the Coral Gardens (about 50% of the time). Coral Gardens is a wonderful spot with lots of fish, turtles and an incredibly large and beautiful coral bed. Our hot BBQ lunch is optional. It is a wonderful 3 1/2 hour fun filled afternoon.
MAUI MAGIC VS. FOUR WINDS II:  (return to top)
  Q.) - What is the difference between the Maui Magic and the Four Winds II?

- Because we wanted to provide "something for everyone" we have two deistinclty different trips and boats. Yes, they both snorkel, have BBQ lunch and visit Molokini, but outside of that they become very different from each other.

- The Maui Magic is considered the “Sports Car” of Maalaea Harbor and is a wet and wild adventure. Built for small intimate groups. She is like a Ferarri... sleek, fast and full of features! We do not encourage children under 5 on this trip. We usually make two snorkel stops (weather and water dependant) and sometimes three! The Maui Magic seeks the thrills of locating dolphins in the wild and frequently does locate pods of them for all to enjoy. She also incorporates a cultural narration of what you will see along the shoreline and a bit of intersting history of Maui too.

- The Four Winds II is considered the "fun ship of Molokini". Built for families and larger groups, she is proud to host the longest stay at Molokini for your snorkeling pleasure. The Four Winds II is very family friendly and has lots of shaded cabin area as well as a large upper deck for perfecting your tan. She features a glass bottom viewing room, where you don’t even have to get wet to enjoy the marine life. You actually sit in the glassbottom room with glass below you and infront of you. No other boat, here on Maui, offers this type of feature.

TRANSPORTATION:  (return to top)
  Q.) - Do you provide Transportation to the boats?
  A.) - We do not have any means of company supplied transportation to our boats. We recommend you check into renting a car, if even for one day. Depending upon where you are coming from on the island, it is often cheaper than taking a taxi as well as you can then do some extra sight seeing after your boat trip!
FLOATATION:  (return to top)
  Q.) - What type of Flotation Devices do you have on the boat?
  A.) - We have large View Boards, Boogie Boards, and Sea Belts!
  Q.) - Do you have life vests for children?
  A.) - We carry USCG approved Life Preservers for all passengers in case of emergency. We also have vests for children 20 – 60 pounds.
DOLPHINS & WHALES:  (return to top)
  Q.) - Can we swim with the Dolphins?
  A.) - Aboard the Maui Magic we see Dolphins about 80% of the time. When they come to our boat it is illegal for us to put anyone in the water with them (if they come to you while you are in the water that is acceptable). The dolphins are a highly treasured and precious resource. You will remember your dolphin encounter for a lifetime.
  Q.) - When is whale Season?
  A.) - The Humpback Whales usually come to Maui at the end of November and begin to leave in April. We see them almost every day from late December until mid April.
WEATHER & CONDITIONS:  (return to top)
  Q.) - What does “weather permitting” mean?
  A.) - Molokini is always our first choice for the snorkeling on our trips because it is the most requested destination. We do not go to Molokini when the wind or the weather will not make it the best snorkel spot. (The wind direction is the key factor not the wind strength.) We do make Molokini 95% of the time in the mornings and 50% of the time in the afternoon.
  Q.) - Will I get Sea Sick?
  A.) - Everyone is so different when it comes to motion illness that it is impossible to answer that question for any individual. If you are prone to getting ill in planes, trains or cars than you may want to be cautious about the boat trip and take some medication. Also, it helps to avoid caffeine in the morning, if you are easily seasick. There are several new options on market now offering a change from the age old Dramamine. Ask your local pharmacist for assistance (“Longs Drug” here on island handles most selections available.) Better safe than sorry!
  Q.) - What do you do in case of bad weather?

- Unless we have called you, to cancel your scheduled trip excursion,plan on arriving to the boat at the regularly scheduled time. Due to the tradewinds, and the side of the Island you are on, you can never be quite sure what the weather is in any one place. Here on Maui we have a variety of "micro-climates". It can be raining "cats and dogs" on the side of the island, where you are staying, and be perfectly nice at the harbor or at our snorkeling destination. Also, the skies can clear quickly here in Hawaii, and flash showers are quite common. Many times, they are followed by beautiful sunshine and perfect weather conditions.

Since we do not really have a local weather station, here on Maui, and most of our weather reports, that you see on TV and hear on the radio, come from Honolulu (the island of Oahu), weather reports can frequently be wrong. So we always advise you NOT to pay too much attention to them. Trust us! We have over 23 years of experience. We will NOT take you out, unless we can provide you with a quality tour or great snorkeling.

In the event that we do cancel the trip, you will be given the choice of either rescheduling or a complete refund.

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY:  (return to top)
  Q.) - What is the video portion of the trip?
  A.) - On the Four Winds II we have a naturalist aboard who will film the entire trip. You will see them, with camera in hand, all over the ship and then in the water while you are snorkeling. The camera person will be filming both you and the incredible marine life you will be seeing. Make sure you take the time to let the photographer capture you on film while you are playing. On your way back to the harbor you will be able to view the video which includes a narration by our photographer/naturalist! This narration will include the names of the fish and other points of interest (such as yourself). You will have the option to purchase a copy to take home for everyone to enjoy. You can find complete details of the video options on .
  Q.) - Are there underwater cameras that we can rent?
  A.) - YES! All trips have underwater cameras. On the Four Winds II we offer professional underwater camera rentals (Sea and Sea brand) and on the Maui Magic we offer (single-use) underwater cameras for purchase.
SPORT FISHING:  (return to top)
  Q.) - How do you Sport Fish off of the Four Winds II?
  A.) - The crew sets 2 lines, once we have safely left our snorkeling site, and we troll from the back of the Four Winds II both to and from all of our destinations.
  Q.) - Who gets to fish?
  A.) - Our crew will put the lines in the water and retrieve them. If we catch a fish, any one who wishes may help handle the lines and land the fish if we are catching and not just fishing.
  Q.) - Do you catch fish?
  A.) - YES!! We do catch fish from time-to-time. We have caught Mahi Mahi, Ono, Ulua (Jack Trevali), and more! When we do “catch” , any willing and able passenger is welcome to reel it in. But, since we do not have a traditional "chair-rig" it does take "a capable person", with some strength, to handle the task.
SNUBA:  (return to top)
  Q.) - What is Snuba?
  A.) - Snuba is a cross between scuba and snorkeling. You use a respirator to breath but the tank is not carried on your back, it stays afloat on a raft above you. You are attached to the tank via a 20 foot hose. If you have never been scuba diving but have always wanted to, then Snuba is for you.
  Q.) - How old do you have to be to Snuba?
  A.) - The cut off age for Snuba is 8 years old, as long as they can swim and are not afraid of the water. Snuba is a great way to introduce scuba or just get to experience the marine life in a whole new way.
  Q.) - Do we reserve Snuba ahead of time?
  A.) - We don’t take reservations in the usual sense. Let us know how many in your party are interested in Snuba so we can put your name on a priority list. The space is limited but every effort will be made to accommodate all those interested in trying Snuba and those on the list have priority. When you sign up it does not obligate you to the Snuba adventure.
  Q.) - How much does Snuba cost?
  A.) - Snuba cost $59.00 per person and is payable to the SNUBA instructor on board.
  Q.) - How long does it take to do Snuba?
  A.) - Snuba takes about 20 minutes of onboard instruction and then you get to spend approximately a half-hour in the water with the fish. (Nothing like enjoying all of the sea creatures up close and personal!)
  Q.) -I am a certified scuba diver; can I dive from your boats?
  A.) -We don’t host scuba dives, only Snuba. Our insurance does not allow us to do so but there are other charters that specialize in scuba diving.
BBQ LUNCH:  (return to top)
  Q.) - Do you really cook onboard the boat or is it pre-grilled?
  A.) - We REALLY do BBQ onboard both the Maui Magic and Four Winds II utilizing specially designed marine-grade BBQ grills. We have twin-grills on both boats, so we have loads of room for cooking. Since the grills are located at the stern of the boat, the rest of the boat is free and clear of any BBQ smoke. Nothing tastes better than a nice hot meal after some good snorkeling or Snuba!

In fact, our BBQ lunch is so deliciously famous and so good, over the years crew (from other charter boats not equipped with BBQ grills) have actually swam over (secretly of course without the their passengers aware of it) to the Four Winds with Ziploc bags to "swim-back" to their own boat with some tasty BBQ for themselves and the other crew members. Imagine that... which pretty much says it all. Our BBQ lunch is that good!

"Just want to let you and your crew know what a great time my wife and I had on your Four Winds snorkel trip. Capt. John and the whole group made it all so much fun for us.

From Capt. Johns' personal greeting at the dock, the snorkeling the wonderful BBQ lunch, to the turtles at the end. We thank you for a very very memorable day. The best thing we did all week."

Scott & Linda